Simple Black Pumps and Black Dress

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Radical changes? Many of us avoid them like the plague… and I am no different.
For a long time I was aware that if I wanted to improve my blog then I would have to make a few important decisions, but I still put them off until later….
Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better. [Sydney J. Harris]
It all started in May 2015 when finally I was able to break through and changed the design of a previously more transparent website. It was also when I decided to start using Instagram. Since then, my style has evolved greatly – from a shy, skinny girl to a woman with lots of self-confidence who likes to emphasise her body shape. Despite this, I never felt satisfied. My funny, but impractical, domain name and the title of the blog – Help! I Have Nothing To Wear! – undoubtedly needed replacing with something shorter, snappier and easier to remember. And the template, which was made by me, although aesthetic and pleasing on the eye was not very functional.
Nearly one thousand posts, which I have published for you over the years, required a lot of organising, and I wanted to enable everyone to find interesting content and images on the site as easily as possible. Hence the idea to create a number of themed categories (menu) and tags covering the type and style of clothes. I also wanted more important posts to stand out and for posts to be reached more easily via the archives. In my head slowly arose the outline of a project which would allow me to realise my dream of having a modern, bright and easy-to-navigate blog. For several weeks, I carefully studied many other top sites and threw myself into learning everything there was to know about writing templates. Initially, I planned to build the site on my own, but after a few sleepless nights I made the decision to seek the expertise of a professional. We worked on the current version for a week as I wanted to refine even the finest details. And the joint venture proved very fruitful and it’s definitely one of the better investments I have made, despite being one that was made at the last minute.
But that’s not the end of the story. I realise that most people look at my blog to see pictures of me, but for a long time I have felt the need to share more with you. I want to inspire, to evoke emotion, but I above all I want to offer a little more of myself to you – not just mysteriously gazing from colour photographs, but also sitting in front of the keyboard, keeping the camera in my hands, reading captivating books, training in the gym, and travelling to fascinating places.
I would be grateful if you could let me know your thoughts on the new-look blog – and any suggestions are always welcome! And feel free to offer ideas on future entries, because if they appeal to me I will try to bring them to life! 🙂 And I would especially like to encourage people who don’t as of yet comment on my posts – remember, it also depends on you in which direction my blog will develop.

Interesting Strap and Open Toe

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Ok, I know, I’ve disappeared for almost 5 days but now I am here once again 🙂 Happy New Year!! Today’s look is a bit summerish but I turned it into a New Year ‘s eve outfit by adding tights and a pair of black decolleté. This pleated skirt is one of my favorite pieces, I just found it in my closet here in Rome after many years!

I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Again, Happy new year 🙂






CLOTHES –SKIRT: Blugirl // CROP TOP: Warehouse // ACCESSORIES – HEELS: BAG: Chanel // 

Blue Suede Heels

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blue lace up heels (1 of 5)

blue lace up heels (1 of 1)

blue lace up heels (3 of 5)

A great pair of shoes can be the starting point for your entire outfit… especially when they command attention in a bold hue, gravity-defying height, or strappy laces. This couldn’t be more true than when I received my second pair of shoes from the DSW Canada #StyleAndDeliver program, with the gorgeous blue lace up heels by Zigi Soho. I paired the bright cobalt shoes with a striped and floral print dress featuring blue flowers that are in the same tone as the sandals. I kept things simple with minimal accessories and a great black leather bag.

I’m wearing a striped floral print dress (similar dress here), blue lace up heels by Zigi Soho c/o DSW Canada, and an Alexander Wang Prisma backpack.

I wore this look for a night out to dinner after work. I actually wore this dress all day at work with black flats and a cardigan, and swapped them for these gravity-defying lace up beauties to amp up my look.

Lace up shoes are the biggest trend in footwear this summer. They’re definitely a sexy accessory and will reinvigorate an old standby piece. I’ve actually worn this same striped dress several times before, with a trench, and with silver sandals, but I love the modern edge of these bright blue lace up heels. The design is very sexy and draws attention to your legs. My tip for wearing lace up shoes is to make sure to tie the laces lower near the ankle and not high up the leg, as that will visually cut your legs short. If you look at the way professional ballerinas tie up their pointe shoes, you will see they are laced around at their ankle. This elongates the leg AND provides ankle support.

Growing up, I spent many hours in the ballet studio, and I love how these lace up styles this summer remind me of tying up a pair of satin pointe shoes. Just like a leotard and pointe shoes, these sandals definitely make the entire look!

Thank you to DSW Canada for sponsoring this post as part of their #StyleAndDeliver program.

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Holiday Party Dress

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Hapa Time

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember a few weeks back I made a quick trip to L.A for a shoot with bebe. Well…I’m so excited to finally share the completed video! I hope you guys like it! You can also RSVP here to join bebe’s 24/7 virtual reality party.

This was actually my first video shoot so I had no idea what to expect. It was cool seeing the behind-the-scenes of a video since I’m mostly used to photo shoots. There were so many gorgeous models and looks on set, I wanted to steal all the dresses 🙂 I wore this stunning dress in the video and I just love all the embellishments. I also posted with this LBD on my Instagram while I was on set and I received a ton of questions about it. The dress wasn’t available before but now you can get it here. The whole collection of dresses are perfect for all the holiday parties–but they are going quick so grab them while you can! XOXO

Pop of Pink

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Hapa Time

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This is an edgy, fun and summery look all rolled into one. I love how my DailyLook lace top is cropped and these Bebe shorts are SO soft and comfy. They do run big though, so I would recommend sizing down! 🙂 I had a great time adding all these touches of hot pink – from my lipstick to my bag, to my shoes!
Speaking of which, these heels really remind me of a totally polished, pretty and mature version of the jelly shoes I wore in elementary school 🙂 You can get them at ShoeDazzle, a monthly showroom filled with on-trend shoes and accessories designed and styled by a Rachel Zoe style team! Their shoes (both ShoeDazzle label and designer brands) are on average $39.95. First time purchasers can get 25% off and free shipping!! 🙂
P.S Don’t forget to enter the Korean brand international giveaway in my last post! xo
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Another Amazing Red Dress

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street style fashion red dress heels blonde girl tumblr ootd outfit lookbook look what to wear

How’s your sunday going on? In Warsaw morning was super hot, but it rain heavily at afternoon for about hour. Now it’s perfect, so soon I’ll go for a walk or maybe do some jogging ;>.

I think that red color like black or white suits everybody. But with red it’s different then with basic colors because it exists in many shades and tones. You need just find perfect one for yourself. Sounds simple but it’s not… in stores there’s not many red clothes now and if you find perfect shape, then it’s not always in perfect shade…

I have this dress from and it’s in this beautiful, very intense and hot red tone- so perfect. I think that this particular shade is for every girl. It’s definitly eyecaching. If you add very close to body shape of dress, you got super sexy outfit…maybe even more for party than sunday afternoon ;D

street style fashion red dress blonde girl tumblr ootd outfit lookbook look what to wear

street style fashion red dress blonde pretty girl tumblr ootd outfit lookbook look what to wear clothes

best summer street style fashion red dress blonde pretty girl tumblr ootd outfit lookbook look what to wear

street style fashion red dress blonde blogger pretty girl tumblr ootd outfit lookbook look what to wear

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